Comical language learning – Itchy Feet

Language learners across the web love Itchy Feet because it’s as hilarious as it is spot-on.

Malachi makes comics on every language topic you can imagine, and they nearly always deal with the struggles and frustrations that we learners face as we study and use the languages we love. And there’s something about putting those everyday obstacles into comic form that just makes for a great way to let go and giggle a bit at the weird linguistic world we live in.

Some of the Itchy Feet comics are tailored to one particular language, but even those generally deal with the universal anxieties and challenges of language learning. Popular posts like “View from the Top” portray the shared struggle we all face in climbing to the top of “Mt. Fluency.”

There’s also a super handy random comic button at the bottom of the homepage, a solid way to click away an entire afternoon while yelling “no, but it’s so true!” at your computer screen