Self-taught success – Talk Foreign to Me

Despite growing up with two passports and three languages in her home, Ruth of Talk Foreign to Me was a monolingual English speaker until her mid-30s. Throughout her youth she lived abroad, studied French and Spanish, and even did a Hebrew immersion course, but all to no avail. It seemed that linguistic greatness was just not in her destiny.

But when she took a solo trip to Argentina in 2014 something clicked, and she finally figured out how to teach herself languages. Now she shares the fruits of her language learning labor on her blog. Talk Foreign to Me is so appealing because of the firsthand experiences of both success and failure that Ruth shares from her own language learning journey, both of which she spins into spectacular inspiration for her readers.

You’ll find tons of information here tailored to learning French and Spanish. Even if you’re not learning one of these languages, give her inspiration tag a click whenever you need that extra dose of positivity!